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    Arts and crafts dining chairs

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  • Chilli Island

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    In place of a traditional hull structure, the Chilli Island is structured more like an open, floatable lounge chair for two, measuring 8.2 x 7.4 ft (2.5 x 2.25 m) and weighing 440 lb (200 kg).
    It has a polyethylene body built over a fiberglass frame and wraps each passenger in an ergonomic full-body seat that can also serve as a slide, letting one slip into the water on a whim.
    Handholds help passengers get back on board.
    The palm tree-inspired, three-panel adjustable shading system provides an escape from the beating sun.

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    Lovely decoration dining room table

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  • Pstation-PS5000

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    Portable Charging Units:
    Lightning and Micro in one 3D cable
    Type-C cable
    Output A/F USB Connector
    Battery indicator LED
    One the potable in sleep mode shake it to auto switch on
    Input: DC 5V 2.0A
    Output: DC 5V 2.4A
    Battery: 5000Mah
    Battery voltage 3.7V
    Charging time 2-3 hours

    Universal AC/DC Adapter
    Rated Current 22A DC 5V
    AC/DC Adapter
    Input Voltage Current : 100-240V AC
    Power On/Off Switch
    Cooling by free air convection

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    Wooden Dining Chair

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